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25% of the 6.2 million population are living in plastic tents just three months before the rainy season beginning in May as a result of 2 earthquakes within a month as reported by the Miami Herald on February 14, 2001.

Wings of Valor, based Florida, has joined hands with the Fundacíon San Andres, a private voluntary organization based in El Salvador, to accomplish our mission of rebuilding the lives of the impoverish people of El Salvador. Anabel Meza, the President of Fundacíon San Andres, states, “the Fundacíon has the capacity help with the transportation and distribution within El Salvador and volunteer teams ready to provide medical assistance and rebuild homes.” This will allow all your monetary contributions to be used solely for the purchase of critically needed items to rebuild lives that have been torn apart by this natural disaster.

Donations of needed items such as medicines, first aide supplies, shelter and building material, tools, kitchen utensils, food, bedding, camping items, personal hygiene items, school supplies are welcome. Volunteers will distribute the donations directly to those with the greatest need from Fundacíon San Andres and Wings of Valor. 

Monetary contributions are the most efficient and effective way to accomplish the recovery and rebuilding process before the rainy season in May. All monetary contributions are tax-deductible (IRS Number 65-0868905) and should be made payable to Wings of Valor and mailed to the address below. 

Wings of Valor
P. O. Box 56-2801
Miami, Florida 33256-2801
Phone: 305-255-0606 Fax 305-232-9933

As of February 17, 200l the combined statistics for the January 13 and February 13 earthquakes are reported as:

1,127 quake related deaths
7,660 people hurt
309,988 houses destroyed
1,503,162 people displaced

Please join us in making a difference in rebuilding the lives of the improvised. God has given us all blessings to share with others. Reach for the valor within to make the sacrifice, to be there for the forgotten is a mission of the heart.


Additional Information on Fundacíon San Andres of El Salvador

Mrs. Anabel Meza, its President, founder Fundacíon San Andres four years ago with the main objective of improving the quality of the life in the Valley of An Andres. Disaster relief efforts during Hurricane Mitch allowed the Fundacíon to establish an Emergency Plan to provide relief and assistance to those most affected by the devouring earthquakes.

FUNDACION SAN ANDRES has improved the quality of life in El Salvador by:

1. Establishing Schools for the children in this area of the Valley. Today the foundation is supporting 3 schools with a total enrollment of 3,000 children from P-K to 12th grade.

2. Setting up medical clinics free of charge for better health care.

3. Creating special programs for individuals who wish to start their own micro business to survive and get out of trouble and poverty. Examples include: Bread making; Paint and Body Shop craftsmanship; carpentry; mini country stores owned by the workers association.

4. Assisting the handicap with special needs, such as wheelchairs.

5. Building wells to remote rural places where running water is not available.

6. Promoting Sports programs to rehabilitate gang members.

For Additional Information on the history Wings of Valor visit and

Wings of Valor
P.O. Box 56-2801
Miami, FL 33256-2801

Phone: 305-255-0606

Fax: 305-232-9933


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